Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 6

Today Kylie had her newborn check up with her Doctor in Hurricane. My 3 older kids were able to attend a 4-H Pirates themed camp for the day leaving me with just the 2 younger ones as Kory was suppose to start the day shift today, but in the end didn't.

While being in Hurricane we stopped by to see Aunt Sheri and GG, GGpa to show off our newest addition. My sister, Sheri, has a sweet baby girl Brionney who is 3 1/2 months old. I haven't seen Brionney in a few weeks but being 3 1/2 months old she's suppose to be tiny still. Oh my heck! Look at the difference when we laid them side to side. Brionney is huge and Kylie is so tiny. I love how Kylie still has the "folded" look. It saddens me to know that Kylie will too soon be "huge" too when compared to other new borns. I wish she could stay this little longer.

 Here's Kylie and her GG, the one that she is named after. During the 30 minutes we were visiting I can't tell you how many times GG asked who Kylie was and who she belonged to. After telling her again that she was my new baby she asked if I had enrolled her in school yet and how that was going. It brings tears to my eyes seeing what alzheimers has done to my grandma. It makes me sad to know that GG will never remember who Kylie is. That Kylie will probably not have much of a relationship with her GG like my other kids do.
My grandpa has a hard time taking grandma places especially far from home. I went ahead and let him know of our blessing of Kylie and baptism date for Madelyn coming up. I wanted him to know that of course they were invited but I understood if he decided not to come too. We're not terribly far away but for Grandma it would be a very, very long day probably making it twice as long for Grandpa. When I first told him about it he said he'd just have to see but since then he's called me twice. He's confirmed the date so he could put it on his calendar and then called again wanting to know what time sacrament started. He say's they're coming. I hope they can make it but again will understand if something prevents them from coming.