Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 5

Last night not wanting a repeat of Miss Kylie being wide awake and wanting attention from 12-3am we kept her awake from 8-10pm which was so hard!!! I was hoping this would mess with her little schedule enough so that I could get sleep. No such luck! Little stinker was awake from 12-3 again. I'd nurse her, she'd fall asleep for no more than 5 minutes and than be fussy again. I swear she's spoiled already as I had to hold her almost the entire time or she'd be cranky. I do have to wonder if she may have had a belly ache. She was very wiggly the entire time and she didn't have any messy diapers all night and was quite gassy. For being so little I was suprised how stinky she could get. When she'd burp they smelled quite sour too. This is the part that's frusturating to me. Trying to figure out what I eat that causes her little up set stomach's, IF that's what it was. With Emily it was anything chocolate which being I don't have much of a sweet tooth it didn't bother me terribly. With Brayden it was all dairy products; milk, ice cream, cheese, etc. This was much harder. I'm hoping we don't have a repeat with Kylie but I did have a bowl of ice cream last night which makes me wonder????

Kory took all the kids to church this morning 9-12. As soon as he left I hit my pillow again and didn't wake up till 11:30 when Kylie woke me up. All I can say is I felt much better after that nap! The kids were so excited to get home and hold their sister again.
I just love Brayden's smile.

 Miss Emily loves her little sister and can't wait for to be able to play "baby dolls" with her.
 My legs have been bothering me a lot these past few days and I don't know why. From my knee down sporadically I will feel a lot of tightness during the day. When I try to rub my legs they are so hard and sore. They must be full of fluid. It can last up to a few hours and then all of a sudden I realize it's gone. My legs aren't hurting anymore and the tightness is gone. I was feeling a little cabin fever this afternoon and wanted to get out of the house. Although it makes no since to me as today was my 1st day not having to go anywhere since coming home with Kylie. Anyways trying to get Kylie in as much sun as possible for the jaundice we waited till about 7pm when the dang wind had finally died down and went on a family walk. We stripped Kylie down to just a diaper. At first Kory was going to take everyone on a walk including baby and leave me home by myself but at the last minute I decided to go along to. I was a bit worried it would make my legs worse as I could feel them getting hard again. I think this was the best thing I did today! My legs hurt for just a few minutes and then I could litteraly feel the hardness leaving. My feet have been swollen for weeks now and by the time we got home even there swolleness was gone. I don't know how or why but my legs feel so much better now. I hope it's gone for good. I'm hoping I walked off all the extra water retention I must have had.