Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Day 4

Today was a much better day.
Kory has been home or at least around the entire day and took care of the 4 older kids while I took care of Kylie. I didn't get out of bed until after 9 this morning it felt so good!  Kylie was up from 12am-3am this morning and I know I needed the extra rest. Kory took care of the meals all day and kept the kids close by. While my family planted the green house this morning I was than left home alone to do whatever it was I wanted in a very quiet house. Loved it! The best part of this morning was being able to take my 1st shower after getting home and knowing I wouldn't be bothered. It was great!

 I had to take Miss Kylie back to Panguitch for another bellirubin check this afternoon. Her results were still a little high but the Doctor decided to wait until Monday before making any other decisions. Her results are always on the borderline and he's hoping that when she's seen monday morning for her newborn checkup her little body will have gotten rid of all those extra red blood cells on her own and won't need the lights. Hip hip hooray. I'm so glad I don't have to go back to Panguitch tommorrow. Panguitch has the closest lab and it's only 45 minutes one away but I'm tired of all the driving. I feel like the past 3 day's that's all we've done is drive, drive, drive. I'm looking forward to tommorrow knowing I don't have to go anywhere.
She is so precious. Babies grow up so fast and I love the different stages but newborns are one of my favorites. I love the snuggling on my chest, holding their tiny little bodies and watching them breathe while they sleep. I want to savor these moments I have with her. I know before to long we'll be enjoying the next stage of Miss Kylie and this one will be gone.