Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last Day of School

The last day of school for our kiddo's was almost a month ago. It's crazy how fast our summer seems to be going by this year.

Here's one of the many pictures of our 3rd grader on her 1st day of school.

Here she is again with her teacher on her last day of school. She had a great year. We love Mrs. Esplin. What's kind of funny is that while Kory was in higschool  one of his classes was being an aide for an elementrary school teacher. Mrs Esplin just happens to be the teacher he was an aide for 15+ years ago. Kind of crazy to think my husband and now two of my children have been in this teachers class! 
Here we come 4th grade!!!

This is Hunter on the first day of his 4th grade school year.
 Here he is on the last day with Mrs. Judd.
Mrs. Judd is a great teacher and loves science. Hunter's favorite part of her class was the homework. During the school year he had to "collect" different things and his collecting was the homework. He had to collect 10 different types of leaves, 20+ insects, 10 types of rock, etc. With each collection they had to categorize the items, identify them, look at them under a microscope and such. It really was fun. It's hard to believe that he's going to be in 5th grade this coming year!

I like to celebrate with my kids on the last day of school. Sometimes I think I'm looking more forward to our summer break than my kids our. I LOVE our summer's. I LOVE having my kids home. I LOVE no homework, spelling words and reports. I LOVE not having to get up at 6am each day to get my kids on the bus at 7. I LOVE the break in our regular routine. In years past we've had water party's with friends on the last day of school to celebrate. One year we went to the movies as a family another year we went to out to eat. I try to do something we don't normally do for our celebration. This year it was a mutual decision to do a water party. We bought lots and lots of water balloons, I rounded up some large water squirters and I've got a slip n' slide I was going to set up.  I guess Mother Nature had different plans for us. The last week of school ended up being windy and a bit too chilly for our planned water games. In the end we had a pizza party.
 Miss Emily
 Mr. Brayden
We invited a few cousins over and everyone was able to make their own pizza's. For being last minute, it was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. After their pizza's the boys had a turn playing Skylander's on the Wii while the girls played "hair" on each other and painted each other's toes and fingernails. A little while later the girls took their turn on the Wii playing Just Dance while the boys played Lego's. If was a fun afternoon for my kids to celebrate the last day of school.