Monday, June 24, 2013

We've been busy...

I feel like this summer is going by too fast already. We've had a great 4 weeks of no school already and we've only got about 7 more weeks to go.

We've gone swimming,

 We've made sock bubbles
 Look how long Madelyn was able to get her bubble strand.
 We've gone shooting in our very own front yard with cousins.
This is cousin Seth taking a turn. Seth is 2 weeks older than Hunter and a whole head taller too!
 We've played with regular bubbles and then tried blowing them with our hands. Madelyn won hands down in this department.
 We've baked and have tried making new things.  For whatever reason I've always struggled with Monkey Bread or otherwise known as Pull-apart bread. I can't seem to get my pan to cook evenly so the tops are always burnt and the bottoms are still doughy. We tried baking them in a cupcake pan  this time and they turned our PERFECTLY!

Kylie loves it when we bake. The beaters are her favorite part.
 Now that's is warming up outside we've spent a lot of time on our bikes.
We've roasted marshmallows outside.

 More shooting with cousins.
 Skipping rocks and fishing at the resevoir.
 I'll admit the kids have also had plenty of "veg" time. Whether it's in front of the computer, watching a movie or playing the Wii.

 We've also got our "show" animals that the kids are taking care of this summer.
 We got our goats just 2 weeks ago. There are a total of 8 in the pen right now but only 2 of them are ours. While we've all got family reunions out of town these next few weeks we've decided to keep the goats all together until the reunions are over with. This will make it a bit easier on everyone while we each have our turn of being gone and having some one else feed these funny little animals.
 We also have pigs. We've had our pigs for a few weeks now but the kids enjoy "checking" on them numerous times a day. All of our kids have their own pig for the fair this year. Hunter and Madelyn are in 4-H and can show 2 animals which is why we also have goats. Emily and Brayden our in the Pee-Wee 4-H program and can only show 1 animal. We are hoping these animals will grow and make weight. We want our kids to be able to earn money with these show animals that they can later use for missions and college. Hopefully show animals can give them a jump start in the "savings" department.
 Miss Emily and Brayden with their pigs.
 Madelyn and her pig.
 Here's a picture of all 4 of them. I missed a picture of Hunter and his black pig.
 Here's a baby calf that is being kept near our pigs. He lost his mama and is being bottle fed. The kids enjoy feeding him a handful of alfalfa everytime we walk by him.
Our summer's going strong. We've been busy but have had fun along the way. We've got 3 upcoming reunions in the next 4 weeks that we are all looking forward too. I love reunion's. I love sitting around and visiting with my cousins that not too long ago it was us running around causing mischief. It's great to see my kids develop friendships and making memories with our extended families. Family reunion's here we come!


Angie said...

Looks like you've had a busy 4 weeks!! All of fun!