Saturday, July 06, 2013

Madelyn turns 9

Good Morning Beautiful!
On June 25th our family celebrated this pretty girl's 9th birthday.

As with tradition we put candles in our breakfast!

 She was able to blow them all out on her very first try!
 This Birthday Girl was a bit anxious to open her gifts!
 Love this smile on her face! She's just realizing what the case of earings mean.
This pretty girl is finally getting the chance to get her ears pierced!
 Woo Hoo!
 I'm not sure what she was most excited about. The pierced earings or the new bike.
 Madelyn wanted to invite some cousins over for dinner and games. Because we were leaving to AZ for a family reunions the next day and the family she wanted to invite over had mutual obligations they came over later that night for a few games.
 Madelyn, Brayden, Emily and Ruth's behind's playing twister. A new favorite of the kids.
 Had a bit of a water fight. We also played Blokus and Boxers and Briefs but I missed the picture opportunity. I love to make cakes but our family just doesn't eat them. Madelyn wanted a fake "artsy" cake and a cheese cake. Due to us leaving the following day I talked her out of the fake cake for the time being but she did get her cheese cake to share with the family and her cousin's that night.

When we returned from our AZ family reunion I took Madelyn and her cousin Carlaya to Claire's to get her ears pierced. Aunt Sheri and Aunt Hanna tagged along with us.
 She was just a bit nervous! Can you tell???
 Her nerves got the best of her and we had a few quick tears after the matter. And yes I know I'm a terrible mom for having to document those tears!
 Then those tears turned into laughing hysterics.
 In the end she survived! She loves them! She's following the instructions given and makes sure she twists and cleanses numerous times a day. She can hardly wait to be able to switch them out and match her outfits.
Happy Birthday Madelyn!