Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Summer

The week before school started my sister-in-law Natoshia and I took our kids up on Cedar Mountain to explore for a day. We started off at the Ice Caves. Kory and I tried taking the kids here a few years ago but there was a swarm of bee's in the opening and being Kory's allergic to bee's we never did make it down inside. 

We had to climb down or use the rope to repel down. 
When we got inside it was smaller than what I was expecting. All the ice had melted so the floor was pretty much mud. Madelyn and the Achievement Day Girl's came about 2 months ago and there was still plenty of ice on the ground.

 There was a small cave that was too tall to be able to jump into and the rock was to slick to climb up to it. The kids wanted to crawl across the log but in the end they all chickened out! 
 This is Hunter repelling out of the cave.

When we were through with at the Ice Caves we went to Mammoth Rock. This is really a big hole in the ground that you can walk through for a good 1/2 mile. It's pitch black and everyone needed a flashlight!
 After going through the biggest tunnel the kids were able to explore a little in the main opening that leads to 3 different caves. 
 Brayden made me nervous. He's 4 but thought he could keep up and do the things the bigger kids were doing. 
 This is Madelyn coming out of the big rock!
 One of the tunnels at Mammoth Rock is very narrow. The ceiling is low that everyone has to crawl through it on your hands and knee's. Almost the entire way through.  In the middle of this tunnel it opens up for just a moment. Madelyn was so excited to find these bats there. I think this is the 1st time we've seen so many real bat's like this. 
While the bigger kids were running and playing through the tunnels this munchkin and I snacked on plums.
My baby's getting big!