Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My New Camera

At the beginning of each year I apply for the FAFSA to help pay for school. At the beginning of each semester I seem to get a check for more than what it cost me to pay for school. Part of this is done by me renting books and then returning them at the end of the semester instead of buying new books each semester. At the beginning of this semester I got a little more than what I was expecting. Taking that money and adding a bit too it I was able to finally buy a brand new Cannon 6d. I am sooooooo excited! Here are just a few pictures that I have taken so far. 

It hasn't rained this week but seriously for about a month we had rain EVERY day, ALL day! I love how I captured the "splash" of rain drops landing into a pool of water. My other camera would NEVER had captured this.  

Kylie has been really hard to capture lately. This girl is constantly on the move and won't hold still for nothing! My old camera is terrible with movement. Any movement at all no matter how small would turn out blurry. It was exciting to see that my crawling baby girl is not blurry with my new camera!

Last week was "Special Friends Day" at school. I snapped this picture of Miss Emily and was very pleased. It was a very windy day and I love that her curly hair isn't blurred out!

Miss Emily on the swing. Not blurry but wish I had focused a little closer to her!

My sister took this picture for me and even though it's not the best I love that it turned out. Most of my indoor pictures especially inside the school turn out very very yellow. The skin tones are still yellowed but not nearly as bad as it would have been with my other camera.

Thank you Grandma and Aunt Hanna for coming to our "Special Friends Day" this year! 

I am loving my camera! I just bought a photo shop program and I can't wait to start learning it. I seriously need life to slow down. I keep thinking I'm going to be so bored a year from now when I will have graduated from school, not have my current calling, not having a child at school half day and no longer being on the booster club. This next month I am helping each class make a craft to sale at our annual Festival of Tree's this first week of December. The crafts need to be done by Nov. 1. This is having me help 2 grades a week this upcoming month on top of  Red Ribbon Week at school, being in charge of our town's Halloween party and preparing for the Primary program. I think I'll need a vacation at the end of the month!