Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mystery Reader

In 1st grade every Friday after lunch a Mystery Reader comes to school. Clues are given to the class to see if they can guess who it will be. When the Mystery Reader is decided upon the child of the Mystery Reader get's to go to the office to pick up that special person.  I got to be that Mystery Reader a few weeks ago for Emily.  It was so fun to watch Emily come and get me. She had no idea I was coming to her class that day. I think that's what makes Mystery Reader's so much fun!

Being October and my favorite holiday is Halloween I decided to pick one of our favorite Halloween books to read aloud to the kids. 

I think my kids love this book because we've put action's to it. Emily's class loved the repetitiveness to it and the action's.

After the story Emily got to pass out her treats that I brought to go along with our story.

Since it was a Friday Brayden didn't have preschool and so he got to come too. Mrs. Leigh had him pass out the napkins. He felt so big!

 Ms. Rochelle helped Emily pass out the treats.

With my Halloween theme we all dressed up in some of our Halloween clothes including Miss Kylie. 
It was a hit! Can't wait till I can do it again sometime this Spring.