Thursday, June 05, 2014

Kylie turns 2!

My baby had a birthday. She's two!
 How could this be???

 For dinner we put candles in her food. She was pretty proud of herself when she blew them out. The bigger kids had helped her practice all day long.

When it came to present time she seemed to be a bit unsure. 
Her siblings quickly volunteered to help her.

Kylie like my other kids at this age does not watch movies or tv. It just does not hold their attention. Recently however she discovered a 23 min. show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's just like Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood when I was a kid except the start of the show is Daniel Tiger a little cartoon character. While in Prescott I found figurines from the show on clearance at Target. I was able to use some of them as her cake topper saving me hours of trying to make them out of fondant! I gave the ones I didn't use to her a a gift. She loves them!!

I always try to get my kids a new shirt or outfit for their big day. Something that they like. It took me way longer than I had anticipated but I finally found someone local to applique Daniel Tiger to a little smocked dress I made her. Pictures of her and her new dress to come...
Kylie was given a new baby doll, chalk and big girl panties. 
It is time to start potty training this little girl. 
I'm just waiting for baseball season to end so that I'm home more.

Brownies and Ice Cream. Her favorite!

I had grand plans for my babies 2nd birthday cake. Unfortunately I ran out of time. I am NOT a procrastinator but being at the school every day for hours the week before her birthday and then being in Prescott for four days right before her birthday I just didn't get everything done that I had planned. I didn't even start the cake until the early afternoon of the big day. So not like me and that is why her cake is as simple as it is. Miss Madelyn volunteered to make my top layer cake but forgot to add the eggs to the mix. Ooops!!! By the time the cake came out not normal it was after 4pm. So we ended up with a styrofoam cake only.  In the end it was fine. My family does not like cake so Madelyn furnished us with brownies and ice cream instead which we all enjoyed. 

 Beautiful baby girl.

Trying to hold up two fingers.

We have a cat that has adopted us. We don't feed it and don't let it inside. 
Over the past few months the cat has become more and more tame. The kids can now pet it and pick it up with all it's fleas and bugs I'm sure. This little girl really likes the cat. The cat decided to come see what we were doing. She gets so excited when she see's this silly cat. She's signing cat in the picture.

But then the cat got a bit closer. One of the kids suggested the cat was after her cake and new toys and she didn't like this. She started wagging her finger at the cat and telling the cat "go, go, go".

We got a bit frustrated that the cat wasn't listening and kept creeping closer and closer.

And that ended our mini photo shoot and we all came back inside... away from the cat.

Happy Birthday my scrunchy faced baby girl!
Love you to pieces.