Thursday, June 05, 2014

Track n' Field

My last event as part of the Booster Club this year was helping with the Track n' Field Day. I don't know why they call it this as there is no running on a track involved but that's what it's called. 
Bugs the crap out of Hunter! He thinks it should be called a "water day".

We played lots of water games.
Here's Madelyn's class playing a wet sponge game.

This is Hunter being the pitcher in Kickball. The bases were yellow tubs full of water.

Here is Hunter at the water gun station.

This is Emily racing the other team but having to carry a cup full of water over her head. Some of these kids got drenched!

Here's Madelyn participating in the obstacle course.

Brayden participated too. Climbing the rope and ringing the bell was the last to do in the obstacle course. 

This is Madelyn playing dodge ball with wet sponges.

We many many more games but I didn't get any with my kids participating at them.

After lunch everyone came back outside and watched our Principal, Mr. Blodgett take a turn in the dunking booth. He was a great sport. Being he is also the afternoon 6th grade teacher he let every 6th grader take a turn trying to knock him in. 

After Mr. Blodgett, students were able to take a turn if they wanted.
Here's Madelyn falling in....

We also had a HUGE slip n' slide for the kids. This was definetely a hit!

To help clean out the Booster Club closet we served all you can eat snow cones and cotton candy!

Pretty sure parents appreciated their kids coming home on a sugar rush.
It was fun day to celebrate the ending of another school year!