Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1st and Kinder Rodeo...

Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Chamberlain is retiring this year. As her last hoorah, her and the 1st Grade teacher, Emily's teacher, Mrs. Leigh decided to throw a rodeo together for the two classes. The classes were split up into groups of 6 and then rotated from one station to the next. While Brayden, Kylie and I were waiting for the classes to come out Brayden was able to take a ride with the miniature horse. He loved it!

Knowing it was rodeo day. Miss Emily dressed the part! All of the kids were given a 
cow boy hat and a kerchief.

Emily asked that I dress Kylie up in rodeo attire. This was the best I could do!

One of the station's was cow tipping, aka bowling.
Brayden and Emily.

Duck Tossing.

 One of the best stations was making a "stick horse" out of swim noodles.

Milking the Cow.
 Who could fill there bucket with the most "milk", aka water.

Not only did they get to ride on the miniature horse cart but they got ride a real horse too! 

It wouldn't be a real rodeo with out a little ropin'.

They also got to play "pin the kerchief" on the cowboy!

Following all the activities we had a "real" cowboy as the kids called him bring everyone lunch. I was too busy serving so I missed out on the picture taking. We served dutch oven potato's, baked beans, corn bread and the kids favorite part, cup cakes! The weather cooperated and gave us nothing but sunshine. 
 It was a great day! Glad I was able to be a part of it.