Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Look who's 5!

We had a birthday at our house.
Brayden turned 5!
Brayden loves super heroes and right now is fascinated with 
TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
I wasn't surprised when he asked for a TMNT cake.

 His was thrilled with his 5 stacked pancakes for breakfast.

His birthday fell on a Sunday this year. With Dad and Madelyn having early morning meetings we let him open one gift before church. He was so excited.....

But I think a little disappointed to see it was a new church shirt and tie. But hey... it was an angry bird's tie. He was sure quick to let his friends and Primary Teacher know that it was his birthday and his Sunday clothes were brand new.

When we got home from church he was able to open the rest of his presents. His older siblings were so excited for his birthday that the previous week each of them bought him a gift with their own money. They were pretty stoked to see all the cool toys they had to choose from on clearance at Wal Mart. Many of them were super hero themed.

Brayden was super-duper excited to receive a TMNT wii game.

Love his eyebrows!
Look Dad, more super heroes.

Look at that pile of super-duper coolness!

I kept telling Brayden that I didn't want him to turn 5. I wanted him to stay little and remain only 4. I told him I was only going to put 4 candles on his cake so that he couldn't turn 5. Before blowing out his candles he insisted on counting them. Making sure Mom put all 5 deserved candles on his cake.

Happy Birthday little man. He sure had a good day!
He played in his room all afternoon with his new toys and we didn't hear much from him.

When our kids turn 5 they get their 1st friend party. Unfortunately, there aren't many little boys in town his age to invite this year. Even though the road goes both ways it seems like Alton is just too far for people to travel to from the Valley. I was told if I had his party on the school lawn I'd have a better chance at getting little boys to attend. Not really wanting to have his party away from home and having the conflict of baseball games using the field we decided to hold off on his party until he turns 6. Hopefully next year with different circumstances he'll have an awesome birthday party with new friends. Love his carefree attitude. He wasn't bothered by this at all. 

Brayden's favorite color is yellow. His favorite breakfast food is "panpakes" and favorite dinner is rice. He loves to play wii and be outside. He loves playing with super heroes. He loves to ride his bike up and down the street and swing at the park. He loves to have books read to him and tries to read them on his own. He loves to help mom in the kitchen. His newest stage right now is using the word "super-duper". We hear quite often how he's super-duper tired, super-duper hungry, super-duper excited and how he's a super-duper baseball player. I recently got a little note from his teacher. In it she says how she's "super-duper" sad that pre-school is coming to an end. Pretty sure this is where he picked up this new word. We sure love this happy little boy. So glad he's a part of our family! 
Happy 5th Birthday, little man!