Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kylie's 1st Hair Cut...

Somebody got their hair cut.....
and it wasn't by mom!

Mom was standing at the stove getting dinner ready. Kylie was sitting in front of the computer watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, the only show that will hold her interest and Brayden was sitting at the table playing with play-doh. 

Madelyn's cousin Ruth was over to play and as she was coming down the stairs to head home I heard her say, "Brayden, don't cut Kylies hair". I whipped around real quick and asked him if he had cut it. In typical 5 year old fashion he said "No!!!". After a quick discussion of how we don't play with scissors nor do we EVER cut someone's hair I made him put the scissors away and went back to fixing dinner. 

A few minutes later while the girls were setting the table I heard Madelyn say, "Whoaaaa, Where'd all that hair come from?" 

3 1/2 inches of hair was laying on the ground!!!
I am so glad that Brayden only cut off the bottom of Kylie's pony tail and not at the top of the pig tail. 
I know he didn't cut very much but when we have as little hair as she does that 3 1/2 inches makes a big difference! 

 It was one thing to have cut her hair but then to lie about it..... I'll admit I flew off the handle for a few minutes. Having a wooden spoon on the counter next to me I grabbed it and gave him a few hard whacks on the bum and then made him stand in the corner for a very, very long time.

He was not a happy little boy!
On the bright side he said he'll never cut her hair again or anyone else's!!
He also said he wouldn't lie to me ever again
I hope he's telling the truth this time... about both instances. 

Kylie knows that Brayden cut her hair. When daddy got home she ran up to him and started pointing and pulling on her hair and then pointing at Brayden while whimpering. When Aunt Natoshia came over a few hours later she did the same thing. It was kind of funny to watch her "try" to tell others what had happened.

This is the 1st time one of my children have taken scissors to a siblings head. I know it could have been much worse but I really hope this was the first and last experience with these type of hair cuts!