Saturday, September 06, 2014

1st Week of A New School Year

School has begun at our house. It's a love/hate relationship that we have with it. For the most part all of my kids enjoy school but I hate the homework. I hate the spelling words the vocabulary words and all the silly little math papers that supposedly reiterates what's been taught in the classroom. But it is what it is and we are doing our best at getting all of it done on a nightly basis.  

Hunter is at the Intermediate school this year. He loves the different teachers for each subject. His two electives this year is P.E and Keyboarding. He loves the P.E part. He is also in intermediate orchestra this year and is playing the cello. Three times a week he stays after school to practice his cello in a "groupie" setting. I love that the teacher offers this. It means he doesn't have to lug his cello back and forth to school each day. It just stays in his personal cubby in the orchestra room. Hunter loves saving his money. One day he hopes to be a Muli-Billionaire. Sure wish he'd hurry up with that.

 This is Madelyn's last year in elementary school. She's our big 5th grader. She loves her teacher and going to school. Our elementary school does not have a music program like our previous elementary school did. The school district does however offer an early morning orchestra for all 4th and 5th graders. Madelyn is participating in this program and is playing the Viola. This means that 2-3 times a week I get to drop her off at the high school for an hour before school. I then get to pick her up and drive her to school. She's loving it! Madelyn has an interest in her teeth. She loves going to the dentist. After her last visit she told me she no longer wants to be a dental hygienist but a dentist.  

 Emily loves school. She is in 2nd grade this year and the oldest of her class. She can't believe that 3 of the kids in her class have already had birthday's but they turned 7. She will be turning 8 in just a few weeks. She loves her teacher. She says she's "fun". She loves math but she doesn't care for recess. It's too hot! I'm sure that will change when the weather cools and she can play in weather she's more accustomed with. I think we are all still struggling a bit with the 100+ degree weather every day. Back in Alton the weather is in the mid 80's and sometimes breaks 90, Being in the mountains it's just cooler. Emily wants to be a "fun" teacher like what she has this year.  I'm loving her new haircut!

 Brayden started Kindergarten this year. He loves school! He loves being able to ride the bus back and forth. He's making friends on his bus and keeps asking if he can walk to their house. Brayden likes recess. He and his friends play Super Heroes or Cowboys and Indians most day's. The first week of school Brayden really loved homework every day. Now 3 weeks later he doesn't care for it so much. Brayden wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.

 Here they are walking to the bus stop just 3 houses up the street.  On rainy day's they stand in the garage and when they see the bus round the corner they head to their bus stop. Love that it's so close.

We are loving our new neighborhood. It if full of kids! Something we have never really had. There were 18 kids at the bus stop the morning I took this picture. There is another bus stop just around the corner. Hunter catches the bus more then an hour earlier than my elementary kids and he's got 6-8 kids every morning at his spot. At night about 6:30/7 when it's cooled off kids come out to play. We've got middle school/high schooler's throwing a football in the middle of the street. We have younger kids like Hunter riding their bikes, scooters and skate boards up and down the street. Little boys running around with super heroes, play guns and cars or other toys in their hands. The girls ride their bikes or roller skate with other little girls. These little kids meet up with each other and park themselves on someones grass and play together.  We are loving all the friends and future friends that will be made.