Saturday, August 02, 2014

Moving to Hurricane

We are moving to Hurricane soon, very soon, like 6 days for now. With Kory working part-time in St. George we've wanted to move our family closer to his work. Since February our family has been praying that work will pick up so that we will have the funds to move by the time school starts for my kids. I really did not want my kids to have to change schools in the middle of the year. If we stayed Brayden would be in all day kindergarten. If we moved he would change to a half day kindergarten. Where we are now 6th grade is in the elementary school if we moved he would go to an intermediate school. I wanted Hunter to start the school year off with all the other 6th graders leaving their elementary day's behind. 

Back in March I found a few houses that I was interested in. When I called the Realty company about them I was told that our family with 5 children could not rent these 3 bedroom houses. Apparently Utah has a rule that only 1 1/2 children can occupy a bedroom. Even with a 4 bedroom we have 1/2 a kid to many but because Kylie is so young they would allow us to rent a 4 bedroom. We can't afford a 4 bedroom in St. George. These house are going for $1300 and up. We have to keep our rent under $1,000 at the most right now. 

My mom came across a low income housing in Hurricane. I called on it just to see if we'd qualify. Besides having 1/2 a kid to many we do. However at that time there were no townhomes available. I was told that I needed to call each month to keep our names on the waiting list and that we'd have a 9-12 mo. wait. Knowing that would be too long I didn't bother with calling every month. In May my sister had a friend looking to move. I told her about these townhomes and called them for her. While leaving a message for her I also asked that my name be put on the waiting list again. And then I didn't think about it until I got a phone call the 2nd week in July.  There was an opening and we could move in Aug 8. Two days before school starts in Hurricane. Knowing we didn't have a lot of time and still not sure if we'd qualify with owning our own company and having too many assets we quickly filled out the paper work and played the waiting game. July 25th, last Friday we found out we were approved and could move in 2 weeks.  Wanting to make sure this was right for our family we fasted/prayed and attended the temple the following Tuesday. We came home Wednesday, left for the Heaton reunion Thursday morning, got home Friday afternoon and I started to pack. I've got a week! 

The townhome is small. It's 1500 sq. ft with a 2 car garage. We will be paying $825 a month which compared to homes this same size in St. George we'd be paying closer to $1500 a month. The rooms are small the family room is small and the kitchen makes me want to cry. It's tiny and is what we had in all the duplex's we lived in while in Arizona. But it's temporary. It's a stepping stone. We've got one more year for Kory to have had the same profession for 2 years. This spring I will start looking for houses. Next summer we hope to buy. Living in Hurricane will help us decide where we want to end up for a few years. Kory will have a 30 minute commute. Will he want to move in to St. George to be even closer? Will the commute not bother him and we want to move to Cedar where things are much cheaper, a smaller community but he'd have a 45 minute commute?

Regardless moving now means the kids won't change schools during the school year and Kory won't have to commute in bad weather this winter which is really the reason he wanted to move before this winter. 

In a week I will be sleeping in my own bed in a new home. The townhome is the middle one in the picture. We will occupy the right side. It does have a nice back yard full of grass. Despite our apprehension of having new neighbors, a new ward, new schools and making new friends and it all being temporary; we know this is what our family is suppose to do right now. Now if I can just get everything that's needed to be done in the next few day's.