Saturday, August 02, 2014

Huntington State Park

My in-laws FINALLY received their mission call. They tried first submitting their papers back in January. After a few medical procedures and 6 weeks of waiting their mission call finally came in the mail. They will be serving in the Baltic Mission in Estonia (next to Russia). They report October 6 and will serve for 18 months. Grandma wanted one last family get together before school starts and they leave. After a few different ideas she settled on Huntington State Park. It was a quick trip but fun nonetheless.

Thursday afternoon everyone was asked to meet at this state park at 1 for a pot luck lunch and fun in the sun. This state park provided everyone with a life jacket at no extra charge. In the middle of the ocean (Brayden kept calling it) was a blown up slide 10ft. high. This was the best part. The older kids never tired of this fun attraction. 

Brayden is my little fish. Once he got his life jacket on he was gone. Made me nervous to see him so far out and by himself but he was quite happy about with his independence. 

Throughout the water were a few of these docks. The kids could easily swim to them or ride their canoe/paddle board out to them. They spent hours playing games and jumping from them.  

Madelyn and Ruth taking a turn on the paddle board.

When Brayden wasn't out at sea he was playing in the soft dirt with his buckets we brought. 

Kylie loved the water too. She loved the small waves coming at her.
Kylie and Sara

Emily and Rachel in the canoe.

 Since I stuck pretty close to Kylie the older grandkids took Brayden out for a ride.

 Orrin, Hunter, Curtis

Hunter and Emily in the canoe.

Brayden and cousins trying to get their paddle board into the deeper water.

 Kyle on the paddle board and Brayden floating back to land.
 Kylie and Elizabeth wanted a turn on the paddle boards too. They each wanted a turn with the oars.

When the babies were water logged they spent some time digging in the dirt.

After several hours at the park we all headed to our hotels and got ready to attend the Castle Dale Pageant. This pageant is about the early settlers who were asked by Brigham Young to establish the local area. It was a long trip for such a short day but it was fun. The kids and I had a great time and am glad we went. The only thing that would have made it better was if our Dad would have been able to make it but he was working on a few cabinet jobs that have to be installed in Arizona 3 days after this fun filled day.