Saturday, August 02, 2014

Camping with Friends

Several weeks ago out of the blue I got a text from some very old friends, the Politowicz family. We became friends while living in PV, Arizona. When their family moved in Mandy was pregnant with their third, Christian who in February turned 8. Before we moved to Utah this wonderful family moved to St. George. Periodically we run into each other and play catch up. We miss our friends from Arizona.  Her recent text told me they were hoping they could come up to our place and go camping with us. Being it's been a crazy summer for us with baseball and dealing with the worker's we quickly said yes! It was time for a little family get away.

One of the great things about Alton is that there are several wonderful camp sites starting just 5-10 minutes out of town. We didn't have to go very far. Jason ended up having to work later than he thought so we got a bit of a late start. We got to set up camp and cook dinner in the dark. 

This is who we use to call Lexi Loo holding baby Sam. Being Lexi is 15 now and going to be a sophomore this year I doubt she likes being called Lexi Loo anymore. Can't believe what a beautiful young lady she is. In my head I still picture her to be 8/9 when we first met playing babies with Madelyn who was then 2. 

 Brayden, Emily, Madelyn and Kylie enjoying the camp fire.

The next morning for breakfast Hunter and Jaxson whipped out the left over smore' makings and made themselves some sugary breakfast. 

 Madelyn and Kylie soon joined us.

 Brayden was our sleepy head. He didn't get up for quite some time. He must have been pretty comfortable with 3 different sleeping bags surrounding him
While waiting on breakfast Hunter made a spear to take fishing later. 

 Emily and Kylie enjoying those breakfast smore's.

In Achievement Day's Madelyn made a Bunson Burner. She brought it along and cooked her own scrambled eggs on it. 

Jason and baby Sam. Love those eyebrows Sam was always making. 

 While the big kids were shooting the little's were playing with bubbles behind us.

 Daddy helping Madelyn shoot mom's gun.

 Hunter took his turn with the skeet thrower.

Kylie didn't care for the loud noises the shot gun was making. This little girl does not like loud noises.

 When camp was cleaned up and everyone was done shooting we took everyone to Grandpa Heaton's Reservoir. We had 2 canoes and life jackets for the little ones. Madelyn and Christian took first dibs on the closet canoe. 

The other kids soon joined and got a ride to the 2nd canoe.
Hunter, Jaxson, Madelyn, Christian, Lexi, Kiera 

Kylie was content to stay on land and play in the sand.

Christian caught several grasshoppers and tried to go fishing with them.
It wasn't a long enough weekend but we enjoyed every minute of it. It's so nice to be able to get away from every day life and just enjoy the great outdoors. The kids got a long great and us parents enjoyed sitting back reminiscing and catching up with one another's lives. We sure hope we can do this again.