Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We are the champion's!!!
Just imagine British rock band Queen singing "We Are The Champion's" in the back ground while you read this post. I can't seem to get it out of my head. 

Hunter and I spent almost a solid 3 days and 2 nights in Richfield, Ut participating in the 
"12U State Baseball Championship". An Ump told us that there were roughly 278 games being played during the 3-day tournament.What a wild weekend that was. Every hotel, camp site, hole in the wall was fully booked. We were lucky to spend our 1st night in one of those hole in the walls. Our toilet flooded within the 1st 3 minutes we checked in and we actually had a plunger next to the toilet. I haven't stayed in a lot of hotels but I'm pretty sure this was the 1st that came with a plunger. Our room use to be smoking but was assured that it no longer was one despite the terrible odor left behind. It was a hot, muggy weekend. Our air conditioner rattled and sounded like someone was rattling the door handle. Needing some fresh air without the rattling we shut the a/c off, opened the window and got a wonderful breeze of cigarette smoke from our good neighbors smoking outside. Morning couldn't come quick enough.
 But enough about our hotel.

Our boys were FANTASTIC! They played hard, worked as a team and it payed off. 
76 nightly practices
27 game-wins
7 game-losses
and 1 tie resulted in

Utah State Champions of our league. 

 Hunter-bottom row, 2nd from the right
Kory and the kids made it the 2nd and 3rd day. I think we were all on a high after each win as we progressed to the top. During the tournament we were undefeated. We had a few close calls but we did it. I don't normally get into the "game scene" but being surrounded by other parents loudly cheering our boys on I quickly joined in on the fun. I screamed, I shouted and I came home hoarse. It was great and totally worth it!

One of the really cool things about small towns are their tradition's. One of the most fun tradition's I decided is when our little Valley takes State. We were welcomed into town by a fire truck waiting to escort our boys through town.

All the boys were invited to ride on the fire truck. We started off in Glendale and rode through Orderville ending at the high school. Following the firetruck were the parents in their cars and other towns people wanting to join in the fun with a few cop cars in the end. 

While making our run everyone's honking and shouting "champions" out their windows. Despite the late hour of 11:30 p.m people were on the street and in their yards wearing their jammies cheering everyone by.

When we got to the high school there were even more supporters waiting to congratulate these young boys.  
It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Each of these boys had permanent grins on their faces. I can't explain what a wonderful weekend we had. We are getting ready to move and I will miss this part of small town life. Hunter had such a great season this year. I am really glad we are leaving on such a good note. 
According to Hunter this was the best weekend ever!