Saturday, July 05, 2014

Madleyn hits the double digits!

Hard to believe my little girl has reached the double digits.
She's 10!

Her birthday this year landed during the week of basketball camp.
I had to wake this birthday girl up along with her brother each morning at 6:00 am. We left the house at 6:30 to start our car pool and ended at the high school at 7. My kids are really struggling to get to bed at a decent hour when it doesn't get dark until almost 10. Being basketball camp some of Kory's siblings that live out of town came for the week giving everyone plenty of cousins to run around with till dark. I felt bad Madelyn had such a hard time waking up on her birthday! 
For her birthday breakfast she asked for a breakfast burrito. 

After camp and lunch we had her family birthday party. For lunch she got her favorite, Jumbo Shells. 

My little girl is growing up. For her birthday she wanted clothes and more drawing stuff. We also got her 2 more c.d's for her karaoke machine and some new earrings. With as many times we've heard the girls singing I think the c.d's were a hit.  

 One of Kory's great uncles, Berk, was in town. He brought a van full of grand kids for the basketball camp. So that everyone could see each other we had a cook out for dinner at the reservoir. It also just happened to be his birthday. Madelyn loved her birthday evening! 

Madelyn spent her time between riding in the canoes and wading in the water with cousins.

I didn't bring my zoom lenses so I missed out on some photo opportunities. She was just to far away.
These two, Kylie and Elisabeth are 4 months apart. They didn't care to much for the drying mud on the bottom of their feet.  

Grandpa and Kylie

The cook out was kind of a last minute put together. I had made a cheesecake for the birthday girl but knew I wouldn't have enough for everyone. One of my sister-in-laws brought the smore' makings but forgot the sticks. So we put those chocolate bars and marshmallows as close to the fire as they could get. 

After we got home from the cook out and everyone showered off their mud we sang Happy Birthday one last time and let the birthday girl dig into her much awaited raspberry cheesecake.
 Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Madelyn's favorite foods;
 french toast for breakfast, chef salad for lunch and jumbo shells for dinner.
Her favorite book is the Sister 8 series.
Her favorite Primary song is A Child's Prayer 
 Her favorite color is green
Her favorite ice cream is cookies n' cream
Her best friend is her cousin Ruth.
When she grows up she wants to be a dentist.