Saturday, July 05, 2014

Going to State...

Back in February when I signed my kids up for baseball I had no idea that 5 months later we'd still be in the thick of things. T-ball and Softball both ended for Brayden and Madelyn the end of May, about when school got out. Baseball for Hunter however seems to have become the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going. 

Hunter up to bat; he swung and he missed. He swung again and missed. Kory got up to the fence and told him this was his last chance. Told him to swing as if he really meant it!

Love this picture with his facial expression.
He really meant it!
And it worked.

He smacked it hard and landed himself on 2nd base!
Woo Hoo! With team mates help he made it home! 

While in the outfield....

He covered 2nd base (his favorite position). 
He caught the ball despite the lateness of his opening that glove.

He was touching the base but missed tagging the opposing player.
Ump called him safe. Better luck next time.

And the better luck came. 

Hunter caught the ball as it rolled into his glove.

He threw it to 1st, runner got out. 1st basemen threw it to home and we got our 3rd out for the inning. Had some pretty happy boys. We got two outs for the other team. 

In the end we won the game. Couldn't have been a happier ending!

This year our little league "Major" team has done exceptionally well.
We've done so well that we were invited to state! Something that our little valley has never done.
Boys couldn't be happier. Last weekend we were in Panguitch all weekend for the State Qualifying Games. 
We start State tournaments July 10 at 8:30 pm in Richfield. These games will be single eliminations which means when a game is lost your out and get to go home. If you win you hang around till the next game. Last game is scheduled for Saturday night at 10:30pm. It's crazy to me to see these little kids playing games so late at night. I'm a little torn.  Part of me wants these boys to loose so baseball can finally come to an end and we can enjoy our last few weeks of summer. The other part of me wants to win this tournament and claim victory of this particular Utah region. What an awesome thing for our little Valley to claim despite the long weekend away from home. If we win this tournament we keep going for several more weeks until in the end Utah's State Little League championship is won.