Sunday, November 08, 2015

A New School Year

Can't believe our oldest is in the 7th grade. 
Where did the time go???
This is Hunter's last year at the intermediate school. 
He doesn't know what he wants to be at the moment but he knows he wants to make lots of money!
He loves all sports, being outside and of course playing on his ipod and other electronics.  

Madelyn has left elementary school...sniff..sniff.
She is in 6th grade now.
She is going to be playing the flute and is quite excited to learn it.
She too loves to be outside riding her bike, playing night games with the neighborhood kids or reading a good book. She wants to be a dentist when she grows up.

Emily is in 3rd grade!
She is excited to know that 2 of her good friends are in her class again this year.
These kids have recently discovered the TV show called Chuck. They watch an episode or two every day on Netflix. Thanks to Chuck she wants to be a Spy when she grows up.

Brayden is in the 1st grade.
I have been told that his teacher this year is the best of the best. So happy we have a good teacher this year. This little guy has lost his 2 front teeth! 

My little Kylie.
She's 3 now and tries to be such a big girl like her older siblings.
Now that Brayden is in school all day I'm looking forward to spending some one on one time with this sweetie!