Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fall Sports

Tis the season for Fall sports.

This was Emily's 1st year playing volleyball! Her team consisted of 3rd-5th graders. 
 She loved it!

At practice she was able to serve the volleyball over the net. 

During games she got pretty close but never did get it over the net.
 They won a few games, they lost a few games but she had fun doing it.

This is Madelyn's 4th year playing volleyball. 
Last year was a joke and I was really hoping with her on an older league we would have more of a success. I guess success can be measured in many ways. Last year she was the oldest on her team and had the most experience. Her coach used her as an assistant. She didn't care for playing with kids who were several years younger with no experience. 
This year she played on the 6th-8th grade team. Her being in 6th grade made her one of the youngest. Her and two other players were the only ones with experience. Her coach this year had never played volleyball, had never coached volleyball and her 3 girls on the team had never played either. Needless to say they didn't win a single game. At the tournament they lost the 1st round.

 Although I don't think she learned anything skills wise she did make new friends. She was the best server on the team. During one game she served 5 serves in a row and then had to rotate because a player can't serve more than 5 serves in a row. She was pretty pumped she had done that.

As if 2 practices on different nights a week and 3-4 games each Wednesday night wasn't enough for our family Brayden also played Soccer.

He loves soccer and won't play anything else now.

It's kind of funny being this kid rarely runs and when he does he complains about it.
I guess all the running in soccer is different in his little mind. 
His favorite position to play is goalie.

He too won a few games and lost a few. He's a little sad that soccer is over and is anxiously waiting for it to start back up again. 
I on the other hand am glad that 4 afternoon/evenings have freed up with the Fall sports 
coming to an end. Next up will be basketball.