Sunday, December 13, 2015

Family Home Evening

For a few weeks now we have been discussing The Family Proclamation. We felt with the way the world is going with legalizing gay marriage, the push for abortions and other such worldliness we needed to focus on what our family believes. We took each paragraph at a time and discussed it over several weeks. We read scriptures that correlated with what we were talking about. We discussed talks and testimonies born by our prophets and leaders about how important families are. We wanted to share our testimonies with our kids about our love for them and how important families are. It was also important to us that they know that not everyone is going to believe the same as we/they do. That's the greatness of free agency. Just because we dis agree with someone it doesn't mean that we treat that other person unfairly or mean. We can still be friends, we can still be respectful to one another. 

One of our first activities was building a sugar cube temple.
After all that's how families become a forever family!

The world is going to continue to demoralize the value of families. The world is trying to break families apart. To cause contention and rife between loved ones. I hope over these few weeks as we have discussed the importance and love of families that my children will remember our testimonies of our love for families. I hope they will use their agency to stand up for what is right even if it's not the popular thing.