Monday, January 04, 2016

Pierced Ears

My Emily recently had a birthday. She turned 9! That means she can FINALLY get her ears pierced. She was so excited! We went to Claires for this grand moment. When we got there we had one little girl ahead of us. It was her 3rd time there because she had changed her mind the first 2 times and didn't end up getting her ears pierced. This time she went ahead with the whole process. She cried quite loudly during the thing. It kind of scared Emily. Then as it was about to be our turn Aunt Hanna called and wanted to come watch. She was just getting out of school. What normally should have been a 10 min wait for her turned into a 45 minute wait. By the time our company had arrived and the store was free of customers we had been there close to 2 hours. Way to long for someone's mind to wonder and conjure up the worst. I told her we could leave and come back another time but in the end she went through with it. 

Making sure the marks were even.

After the first ear she kept asking if she could "touch" it. She kept saying, "I can't believe I have my ears pierced. I can't believe it mom. It's really there." 

Being so brave she got to pick out a sucker.

She was quite excited to pick out her very first, her very own earrings. 

Congrats, Miss Emily. Glad you "love" them.