Friday, May 13, 2016

2015 Christmas Eve

 It's Christmas Eve at our house...... The kids are so excited! Although Hunter is "pretending" he's not excited like everyone else. He's 12 ya know..... Apparently too old for the excitement anymore. 

It's always funny to me how the younger kids "forget" that their gift on Christmas Eve is a pair of new pajamas. Even Emily (9) kept going on and on about what it might possibly be. At first I thought she was just kidding but she really didn't remember! Hunter and Madelyn would like to change our tradition to pick out their own gift on Christmas Eve. I told them they could. I pulled out 5 gifts and told them they could choose one of the 5 to open despite the name on the box. Of course it was all the new pajama gifts. Hunter and Madelyn didn't think I was too funny!

Madelyn's pajamas were the hardest this year. She didn't want anything "babyish" she also wanted something in style like the capri style bottoms. Lucky for me a week before Christmas Justice had a sale on their p.j's. I picked hers up for less than $10 and they didn't matchy match the other girls so she was thrilled!

Madelyns favorite tradition on Christmas Eve is our photo shoot. 
How many different posses can we get!

When it was FINALLY......time for bed and the kids seemed tired enough to go to their beds they made a plate for Santa. Moldy carrots and all......