Friday, May 13, 2016

Christmas 2015

It's Christmas Morning and it does appear that Santa Clause found our house last night. The boy and girl twins are for Emily. She has been asking for those for months! Kylie will be thrilled with her Elsa and Anna dolls. Brayden is going to love his Dinosaur that's almost as big as him. It roars, walks and shoots out darts!

 Looks like Santa got the memo that Hunter wanted a Rip-stick and 
Madelyn her very own Volleyball net.

Look at those cute kids! So excited to see what Santa brought!

Mean while snookem's here did not want to wake up.  

Eventually she too got caught up in the excitement. 
Her favorite stocking gift was a princess toothbrush. 

Emily loved the owl jewelry found in her stocking.

Brayden working so diligently with Dads knife to open that gigantic dinosaur.

"They came, Mom. Santa really is real!", said Emily. 
What does mom want? One more year of this magic with this special little girl?

Hunter was thrilled with the latest book released in his favorite book series. 

I love these people!
So glad they are mine.

Hunter loves playing the cello. Not wanting toys this year it was hard to decide what to get him. In the end we went with some new cello music. The books came with a c.d with different parts so he can play with the "whole" orchestra. He sounds awesome!

Madelyn's been wanting some new black boots! I've had them for months. She's been asking for weeks if we could go shopping for some new ones. So happy she has finally has them now. 

So happy!
Loves the rip-stick, his new clothes, baskett ball shoes and cello music. 

Madelyn is thrilled with her very own set of scriptures with her name on them. She loves her new clothes and boots!

Emily loves her twins! She got new clothes too. Daddy gave her a box of supplies to finally fix her broken bike. She's thrilled!

Brayden loves his huge dinosaur, his new legos and his book about sharks!

Miss Kylie loves her writing/coloring station but her love is the Elsa and Anna dolls. She too loves her new clothes because they have Elsa and pony's on them. 

Playing together with our new Christmas toys.

We love Magformers....

This year we stayed home for Christmas and didn't have anyone to join us. It was a Christmas feast of just us. It was a bit quiet but we enjoyed our day together. 

Merry Christmas!