Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Brayden's Accident

Tuesday Brayden had a little accident on his way to school!

My neighbor has recently received her Notary license and stamp. She accepted her 1st Notary job and knowing that I didn't work on Tuesday asked if I could go with her that morning to shadow her, just be there if she had any questions. We were meeting the couple and Lin's Grocery Store here in town at 8 am. My 2 older kids would already be at school. Knowing we would be done in about 30 minutes, I told Brayden that at 8:30 he could ride his bike with a neighbor friend to school. I asked Emily to stay home with Kylie and that when I got back she could then ride her bike to school or I would drive her. 

The Notary job for my neighbor went great! The wife was about 15 min late so by the time we were done it was 8:45 am. As usual my phone had been on silent during "work". Walking out to my van I saw that I had 2 missed phone calls. One from a number I didn't recognize and one from the "kids cell". I called the kids cell back thinking it was probably Emily wondering if I was on my way home yet. To my disbelief a strange, deep male voice answered the phone. Immediately, I asked, "Who is This?" I was trying NOT to panic. But seriously, who the heck was at my house, with my girls, answering our cell phone?? This voice proceeds to tell me who they are which I totally missed as I was trying to tame my inner panic! This person proceeds to tell me that they had witnessed Brayden crash his bike on the way to school. This kind stranger had stopped the car, asked Brayden for his mom's number so that I could be called and tell me what had happened. I of course didn't answer my phone. Brayden then tells this stranger that his mom is at work in St. George. This kind stranger loaded his bike and my little man and drove him to the school so that the nurses could help him. I still couldn't fathom why this person had our cell phone and where were my girls??? My phone started to beep as another call was coming in and I realized that I hadn't called the kids cell but in fact called the unknown number that had called me earlier. Oops!
I drove right to the school. Brayden was pretty banged up. His nose and knee was still bleeding, he had blood down his shirt. He wanted to come home. So I brought my little man home and doctored him up. 

Emily made it to school although a bit late! Before she had even got there the word was out that Brayden had been hit by a car! What??? One story was that it was a hit and run, another that he rode his bike into the street and got hit. What was even crazier was the story about where his mom was, I was in St. George shopping with girl friends, I was working in St. George and I was out for a run! Wow!!! After a few more texts I finally took it to social media. Wanted to make sure everyone knew that Brayden was NOT hit by a car, it was NOT a hit and Run and I was NOT out shopping with girl friends. It's amazing how quickly an incident turns into a story and keeps going...... Although it made for an interesting day I am so, so, so gratetfull that my handsome little guy was NOT hit by a car! He thinks he ran over a rock, lost control for a moment and ran into the fence!