Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Oh how I love Spring Break! This year our break happened early it seemed, in March! Although I'm glad it's here I hope the rest of the school year doesn't drag on by!!!! 
Last year was my first year working for H&R Block and spring break came and went and I had to work it. This year I was better prepared and planned for it!

On Monday I worked all day so the kids got to play xbox, watch netflix, play on the ipad and computer. It was an all out be on electronic as much as you'd like kind of day... cause Mom's gone all day!

Tuesday's I have off. So I planned a hiking trip with 4 other Momma's. 
We packed a little picnic for our lunch.  

We love this hike because of all the water! 
It was still really cold. Crazy kids couldn't stay out of it. 

With only 5 Mom's and 20+ kids we only went so far as the rope! No way were any of us ready to tackle helping all the little's hang onto the rope to get to the other side. If one of them let go I did NOT want to have to jump into the water to get them!!
So pretty here. 

Hunter squeezing himself up and through small wholes in the rock. 

Brayden, admitting the water was pretty cold. 

These 2 girls use to live on the same street. Now that we've moved they don't get to play together as often as they would like. So fun to be together again. 

So nice to spend the majority of the day enjoying the great outdoors, mingling with old friends, making new friends and just being with my kids. 

Wednesday is my long day, I go in after lunch so I took the kids to the park for lunch.   
Our neighbor came with us. Madelyn helping little Ava who just turned 2 up the ladder. 

Kylie loves going to her :favorite" park. Her favorite thing to do is to be given an under-dog! 

 Brayden loves the slide! Running up it, running down it and jumping off it. He is so quick when he plays tag with his friends. 

Miss Emily just loves being in the sun!

Thursday, I don't have to work until 3 I met up with some other momma's at the Washington County Rec Center. For $5 a piece everyone can do whatever they want. Our first stop was the rock climbing wall since everyone was dry! Brayden loves this!!

Kylie waiting patiently to get to the pool. She's too short to do the rock climbing wall. 

It's Swim time...

Emily with her friend Rachel.

Kylie going down the kiddie slide. 

Emily and Kylie. 

Hunter and Madelyn spent most of their time playing basketball with the other teenagers. Brayden spent most of his time with his friends going down the big kid slide and hang'n in the lazy river. I got to sit in a chair, snap pictures of my youngest and talk with the other mom's. Another great day spending it with friends.  

On Friday, I had to work again but just in the afternoon. We spent the morning cleaning the house and then before I left for work all the kids had been invited to a few different friends houses. I dropped them all off and then left for work. I think we had a successful Spring Break even though this momma had to work a bit. I certainly did try!