Saturday, February 24, 2007

Emily's sitting up.

She turned 5 months last week. Time goes by way too fast. These are pictures of Emily sitting up over the past 2 weeks. In this picture she was still having a hard time sitting up. She learned very quickly to use her little chubby hands as support.
This was her last Sunday. A friend gave her this barrett. She has so much hair it stayed all through church. It's different to see her wearing a barrett other than a headband. I think it makes her look older.
I took this picture last night. She doesn't need her hands to support her anymore. She does very well sitting on her own. It's great having Emily sit on her own. She can entertain herself longer with her toys than when she was just laying on her back or tummy.
It's fun to see her developing, to see her discovering new things. I'm saddened my baby is no longer in the newborn stage. That stage they cuddle and sleep on your chest. All they do is eat and sleep. To me it is so easy to care for them. That newborn smell. Oh well ! I also love the stage she is currently in. So easily entertained. She's always happy. She's very content to sit by herself and watch the commotion going on around her. How she's starting to giggle when we play pat- a- cake.


Camille said...

How cute!! I can't believe she is already 5 months. And I am yet to even actually hold her (for more than a minute) and now she is past the baby holding stage. Well she is growing right along, Lazy ol' Noah didn't sit up on his own till almost 9 months old!!! And is holding onto furniture but not walking along it yet. He is a lazy boy. He just likes to watch everything around him, but not actually interact a whole lot. Oh well. Well we look forward to seeing you guys again soon and hopefully seeing you new house!! By the way, our's SOLD!!! Horray! We've been negotiating back and forth since Sunday. Last night it was final- now it just goes into escrow!!