Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our 1st day of painting.

This is Maddie's bedroom before the fun of painting began. A friend gave us a few cans of paint. Maddie wanted her walls pink but with free yellow paint I talked her into it.

The kids had a blast heping with the painting. I think in the end they got more paint on the floor and themselves than the walls.

Madelyn loves her bedroom. Her room will be so cute with her bright pink bedspread against the bright yellow.
Hunter was quite dissapointed we ran out of time to paint his room but hopefully this week I will get his done.

This is Maddie's bedroom after most of the painting. We are going to paint the top of the wall a very light beige color that will match the rest of the house. There are several cracks near the ceiling that need to be fixed before we can paint that part. The cracks are suppose to be fixed throughout the house this week.

This is more of our free paint. There are definitely more important things that need to be done but because the house hasn't been set we decided to go ahead with painting the pop outs.

Around the front door and windows are completely done. We didn't have a tall enough ladder to get the rain gutters near the top of the house. We still have the window pop outs on the side of the house and the back of the house to do.

It's so much fun to know this is our house and we can do what we want with it. The kids had a blast helping out. Our first day of painting went very well. This week however I think I will try to get someone to watch my kids for a couple hours at least one day this week so I can get more done. I know we have several hours, several long evenings and several days worth of work to do being we still have so much to paint, a kitchen to remodel and flooring to lay but it will be worth it.