Monday, December 10, 2007


Yes, it does snow in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It doesn't happen too often and when it does we're lucky if it sticks for more then 12 hours. The kids however look forward to it every year. I told the kids it might snow last weekend but it didn't. Since then in every prayer Hunter gives he says something like this "and yesterday remember when mommy said it might snow but it didn't. Please help her make it snow today..." Hunter's prayer was answered saturday night.

Emily wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Once she got the hang of it she did like it.
After playing for little while with no coats/gloves the kids came inside for some homemade chicken noodle soup. YUM!
By sunday morning the snow was gone except for on the tree branches and peoples rooftops. Despite snowing on our way to church, during church and after church it just didn't stick. (Only 3 more Sundays of chuch being at 2:00 YEAH!!!) Supposedly we are expecting rain/snow through wed. the kids are hoping to be able to build a snow man. I don't think we'll be able to in our front yard but maybe we'll have to run up to the mountain and try there.


Schultz Family said...

Oh I miss it there SOOO much. Pray with us that we will be there in a year to 18 months! Sorry I couldnt answer your phone call, I am out of minutes. I will call you after 6pm. Cute pics by the way! Love ya and miss ya

Camille C. said...

Carlaya is waiting and hoping for it to snow here too! I told her there is not a very good chance of it, but we are gonna try to take them up to Mt. Charleston on saturday to play in the snow. We should for sure have a white christmas in Cedar though. They have gots lots of snow! we can only hope it doesn't melt and not snow again though........