Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Christmas

I made the kids matching pajama bottoms and bought matching t-shirts. I tried and tried and tried to get a pict. of the 3 of them. Its hard to believe but this was the best. My baby has developed camera phobia. She sees the camera and she starts screaming.
hunter was quite surprised that Santa brought him a pirate ship.
Santa brought Madelyn a Cinderella and Snow White polly pocketts and a princess purse to keep all the little pieces in.
Santa brought Emily this worm she can pull around. The worm makes funny faces when its being pulled. It also holds three balls that spin around when its on the move. Its quite distracting to her. She doesn't pull it far before she stops and start playing with it.

We invited some friends over for a big dinner. Afterwards the kids played with the new toys, the daddy's played the WII, and the mommies chatted.

Kory took the weekend and monday off. We've had him to ourselves for 5 days. The kids our missing him already this morning. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. After the many hours of planning, shopping, baking, and all the many other preperations it's hard to see it end in one day. Yesterday was a great day and the kids our already asking when we can do it again.


Annie Taylor said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. The kids are getting big and they are so cute. We miss you guys.

Camille C. said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. I am ready to take on your lead of doing your own. ours is getting to be too much work to take on the road. Jonathan doesn't think so and wants to keep traveling, but he doesn't have to do all the packing, now does he?! :)
Anyway, I did look at your blog over a week ago but when I did, I did so quickly I didn't have time for comments so here they are!! Sorry so late- LOL