Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was our ward Christmas party. With Kory being out of town I really didn't feel like taking the kids by myself, but I knew Santa was going to be there and this would be there only opportunity to see him. They've been talking about what they were going to ask from him for several days now.

Maddie was really good. She hopped right up on his lap, looked right at him and said "thankyou, I want a big barbie like Aunt Hanna". I was standing to close to Santa for Emily's comfort. She was crying and trying to climb over my shoulder. This is the first year Maddie would even get close to Santa and this is the only picture I got. Hunter wasn't to sure of Santa. He was right behind Maddie but let several other kids go ahead of him. He just stood there and watched. I had to hold his hand and walk him up to Santa. Santa just bent over, picked him up and placed him on his knee. This is what Hunter does lately when he gets nervous. He starts pulling at his cheeks. It makes him look so funny. But he did talk to Santa while pinching his cheeks the entire time, he asked for a Spiderman.
Maddie's been saying for weeks now that she wanted a Princess Polly Pocket and Hunter wanted a Pirate Ship. I know Santa already has his gift for each of them. Hopefully they wont be to disapointed when they don't get the Barbie and Spiderman that was asked for tonight.
After Santa the kids decorated their own sugar cookies and ate them while watching Frosty The Snowman.
With a cookie in hand Emily finally let me put her down.
After the sugar cookies Maddie and Hunter put together a foam Snowman.
We all had a good time. The kids want to go back to the church again tommorrow and talk to Santa. I told them Santa has to go home now. He has to go to work, finish making all the toys. Maddie said "Santa can't work tommorrow. It's church day and we don't work on church day. He has to go to church just like me." What to say to that??? I told her she was right Santa will go to church tommorrow just like her but he goes to church in the north pole.


Camille C. said...

How cute is maddie!? Santa shouldn't be working on sunday now should he?! LOL
I can't believe they are still a little put off by Santa. (course I know how shy lil' Hunter is)
In Vegas we have the opportunity to see Santa more I guess and so Carlaya is really used to him. Last year she was on his lap about 4 times, this year so far- twice and we still have our ward party. Noah LOVES santa, just doesn't want to go near him. He even does a cute, HO HO HO!" it is hilarious.