Friday, April 25, 2008

Air Soft Gun...

Hunter recently received a gift certificate for Wal Mart from Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Camille for his birthday. We went to Wal Mart as a family to let Hunter use his gift card. Kory was not impressed with the toys that Hunter was wanting. He didn't want him to get a toy that would break in a week or that he'd loose interest in quickly. I agreed with this. Since he just had his birthday party and was given so many new toys I suggested maybe something for outside like a baseball bat and baseball, a soccer ball and cones (he wants to play soccer this fall) or The Ant Bully movie. We rented this movie several months ago and Hunter still talks about it and wants to rent it again. You get the picture of what I was going for. Daddy on the other hand thought maybe our "5" year old little boy would like not a pretend but a "real" bow and arrow set. Thankfully Wal Mart only carries these as a seasonal item and now is not the season. In the end Daddy helped Hunter pick out an airsoft gun that shoots mini plastic balls at 180mph. To ease everyones mind (including mine) he has been teaching Hunter gun safety while having fun shooting at targets.
Thankyou Aunt Camille and Uncle Jonathan.


Camille said...

oh I'm so glad that you got something he really likes. I knew that kids get too much and somethings they don't even like after a week and others are cheap and break, so I though with a giftcard, YOU can have a say in what he gets and it would be something he really wanted.
So sorry for the "impersonal" gift, but I'm glad he liked it! :)