Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Maddies hair cut.

For several weeks Maddie has been asking to get her hair cut. Some of her preschool friends have had their hair cut recently (or cut it themselves). Not wanting her to try cutting it herself we made an appt with a friend last week. Maddie kept going back and forth from having it long enough still for a pony tail of a very short bob.
In the end she decided that her shoulders was a good length.She doesn't want to have piggies anymore but loves to wear headbands or just a barrett.
I think I've enjoyed her hair more then her. Very little tangles and it is much quicker to do.
Yesterday her hair kept getting in her face and she wanted to pull it back with a pony tail . To her disapointment it was too short for that. I'm glad we didn't go much shorter then we did. Isn't she cute? Mandy cut it just below a curl so it naturally flips up.


Camille said...

oh, I did always love her long curly hair, but cute is so adorable on her. It makes her look older too! I do love the: not having to brush it out, part too! What a cutie! I'll have to show Carlaya, she'll be thrilled!