Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

Our family generally gets home from church about 11:30. We have lunch and then start cleaning up both the breakfast and lunch dishes, by 12:30 we're usually done. After lunch Emily goes down for a nap, everyone else lays down for about 30 min. Sometimes we fall asleep and sometimes we don't. We generally spend about an hour in a half playing games with the kids, we then read a few books and then everyone gets bored. So the T.V comes on, the WII is played and movies are watched for the rest of the day.

Kory and I have been saying for a while that we need to come up with more sabbath day activities to do with the kids. So this past week I found this idea on the internet and changed it a bit to fit our needs. So sunday after "rests" this is what we did.

We all met in the family room and I read the first clue to begin our scavenger hunt. clue #1 A family that reads together has fun learning together. Clue #2 was found inside one of their favorite books. They brought the book back to us, we read it together and then read the clue, A family that searches the scriptures together learns how to become an eternal family. Of course clue #3 was discovered in our scriptures. After reading some scriptures daddy read the clue, The family that sings together feels close to each other. That clue led us to the piano where we sang a few primary songs and then read clue #4 The family that has family home evening together grows together. This led us back to the family room where we always have family home evening. I talked for just a few minutes on the importants of family. We then found the next clue hiding underneath a couch cushion. Clue #5 read Watching good television programs and movies together can be fun family entertainment. We spent a few minutes talking about some of the cartoons I won't let them watch and compared them to some better ones. The next clue was found among our movies. Clue #6 read Going on vacation can bring a family closer together. We talked about our upcoming vacation to Utah. The following clue was found taped to the van door(the van is used when we go on vacation). Clue #7 said A family that works together gains respect and love for one another. This clue led us to the front door of our shed where the next clue was found. Before we read it we thanked the kids for all their help in the past weeks working together on our shed, pulling weeds, taking care of the garden, etc. The next clue #8 read, A family that prays together feels close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This led us back to the family room where family prayers are always held. We discussed how we can be a little more reverant during prayers. That clue was hidden under the couch #9 said, A family that plays togehter learns to love being together. This clue led the kids to the game closet. Their was a note telling them to pick one game and take it with them. They also found the next clue in the closet. When they brought it back to us we just read the following clue. Clue #10 said A family that has meals together gets to know each other. The last clue led us to the kitchen table where we proceded to play a few games together. After we were done I thought we could have made cookies together and eaten them around the table while playing games. I decided though I really didn't want a cookie making mess on a sunday.

The kids had a blast doing the scavanger hunt and have asked daily since when we can do it again. I didn't think to take pictures but it was a fun little activity that helped take up some time and kept us together as a family. Just thought I'd pass it along.


Camille said...

cute!! I get tired of hearing the same church movies each week that Carlaya watches and we try to not let her watch any TV or movies other than that.....although daddy always does. She'll usually play in her room or read or do puzzles, but this is somthing new that could be fun! Thanks

Ben and Amberly said...

That is so clever! I love the idea and can't wait to us it. I'm always trying to think of things we can do on Sundays and this is perfect.