Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Emily woke up at 4:15am Christmas Morning needing to use the bathroom. Being we shut the girls bedroom door she woke Maddie up so she could get out. Both girls walked right by the family room were Santa had delivered his gifts, got drinks and then came into our bedroom to tell us Emily needed the bathroom. Daddy helped Emily do her thing and then everyone crawled back into our bed. Emily started talking, not about anything impatitular but she just wouldn't be quiet. The girls didn't mention Santa at all. In the past Emily has done this before. We call it her early morning chatter. She usually talks and giggles for 30-45min. and then she'll fall asleep again. After about 15 minutes of this Kory and I decided we might as well get up. It was obvious Emily wasn't going to quit anytime soon. We were thinking that she probably wouldn't fall asleep until after 5a.m and then Hunter would probably wake up at 6 which is when he usually wakes up. We didn't want to be awake listening to chatter for 45min. to fall asleep for 45min just to be woken up again. So at 4:45 we were all in the front room discovering what Santa had brought. Emily was quite excited about her "2" babies. She wasn't to thrilled with having to wait on Daddy to unstrap the many ties so that she could hold them. Santa brought Maddie the Mariposa Barbie with beautiflul wings along with a jumbo size coloring book.

Santa brought Hunter a jumbo size coloring book along with a big dinoaur. The dinosaur roars and turns his head when a button is pushed. Hunter wasn't to excited with what Santa brought last year so I was glad to hear him say, "that's what I've always wanted" when he saw the dinosaur.

As most of you know we love playing games. So this year I bought a game for each of the kids. My brother had our name this year and sent us an additonal 5 games. Needles to say we have been quite busy these past few days playing new games.
Emily with all of her goodies.

Maddie with her goodies.

Hunter with his goods.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with the kids. Everything was opened by 6 and some of us were then able to take a nap. Or maybe it's just called going back to bed. The past 2 years it seems someone has been sick by Christmas morning, thankfully this year we are all still healthy. We tried to keep the gifts very simple this year. We feel like we succeded, which is such a good feeling. We gave each of the kids 3 gifts, a puzzle, a movie and 1 toy. Santa brought a toy and then a jumbo coloring book for each of the kids. On top of that they each received gifts from Aunts and Uncles and of course Grandma's and Grandpa's. In the end they had plenty to open and play with. This year didn't end with the feeling we spent way too much money or that we over did it with the gifts. I hope next year will out similar to this year.


Hendrickson Clan said...

Looks like they loved all of it!

Camille said...

You guys are crazy to be up that early!! Never ever at my house!! ;) ha ha ha
Looks like they got a lot of good stuff. We did the same thing, toned down Christmas. They got 3 Disney movies, and art stuff from us. I didn't want to give more toys. They tend to always get so much. We felt good too, knowing we didn't go overboard. BY THE WAY!! We totally talked about who had who this year and what WE were doing with the kids. I THOUGHT we had decided to just suspend that tradition for a while. That way each Sibling of your family bought for another FAMILY. You didn't have my fam- therefore totally shouldn't have spoiled my kids! Thank you so much though. They both LOVE LOVE LOVE their toys. Noah plays with those cars non-stop. I feel awful though, because I got you kids NOTHING. But that's what I swear we decided on. Way to go- making me feel guilty!! LOL
Also, we had a crazy Christmas day and drove to Hurricane. Home the next day, to have ALL of my family here with all 6 cousins. So Sunday we planned to call you, and didn't, Monday- didn't, forgot again yesturday, but Jonathan reminded me to remind him to call today! So expect a call!! Sorry we are so late.....
Glad you had a great Christmas!

lundgrenville said...

Hey Heatons-
Looks like you all had a great Christmas!
Hope the new year brings in all of your wishes!
4:45 though...whew! My kids didnt get up till 7:30...thank goodness!