Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Day of School

We had our 1st day of school this past week. It seems that each year school starts earlier and earlier. We live close enough to the school that the kids can easily ride their bikes. So they did.
Hunter's 1st day of 2nd grade.
Madelyn's 1st day of 1st grade.
Their new school is a little different than what we are use to.
For instance Franklin (AZ school) had 2 1st grade classes. Our new school has 5.
Franklin had 2 2nd grade classes. Our new school has 5.
Franklin has no grass. Our new shool is surrounded by grass. I can't believe how much grass this school has. It's in the front, on the side and in the back. Hunter plays soccer everyday. He loves it. He says he likes his new school because at Franklin you'd have to sit on the wall if you got caught kicking the ball (very, very small playground and not a blade of grass).
I wish you could see the playground equipment. It's something like I've never seen before.
We are going to love our new school.
Hunter amazes me. I was walking home with him today and every group we passed Hunter would wave and say good bye to someone in that group. I commented on how great that was. How I was so glad he was making new friends and getting to know others. So we had now passed 4 people that he has called out their names to say goodbye to plus another boy that had walked around the school with us from his class. So he's called out 5 names now. I comment on this and he says, "Yeah I know. But I didn't remember one of those girls names. So I didn't say her name." He made me laugh out loud. It's the 4th day of school (and lets not forget you haven't had school for the past 2 days) I wasn't expecting him to know every childs name in his class by today.
I've been a little worried about my kiddo's starting a new school. We moved around a bit while living in AZ but for those 7 years we were always in the same area. We shopped at the same grocery store, the same Target, visited the same library, we were in the same ward the entire 7 years. My kids were all born there and started to grow up there. They were never the "new ones". Everyone knew them. We just belonged there. Now that we are in Utah it's a little different. We are the "new ones". We are having to find a new grocery store to call our own, figure out the layout to our new Target, our new library, our ward building. But we are doing it. We are learning. We are adjusting. We are doing well.


Camille said...

I can't believe school has already started there. We dont start until the 30th here. A little later than last year.

How fun to ride their bikes to school. They go alone?

we are going to try to walk most days- if only we can be ON Time leaving. LOL

I'm glad their fitting in and loving their new school :)