Monday, August 16, 2010

A new sport...

Hunter has found a new sport. This kid loves to fish! I know what your thinking. Fishing? How BORING! Who likes to sit on the side of the shore, sit in the sun, get hot, have to be quiet (so as not to scare the fish away) and then it takes how many HOURS to catch a fish let alone your limit???

Fishing with his Grandpa Christensen and his Grandpa's friend Emo is quite different. They go night fishing and in a boat and to top that off these 2 men have found the perfect spot that the fish like to bite. Saturday night Grandpa Christensen took Hunter, Uncle Jonathan, his 2 cousins Carlaya and Noah and his great Grandpa whom he calls GG'pa fishing. They left the house at 8:30pm and were on the lake at 9. Unfortunatley nothing happened this night until 10 (usually doesn't take this long). Starting about 10 o' clock the 1st fish was caught, soon after the 2nd and soon after that the 3rd too was caught. At one time 3 fish were being reeled in at the same time. By 11:30pm 17 fish had been caught! Can you believe that? In 1 1/2 hours (starting from the 1st fish that was caught till the last) 17 fish were caught. It is amazing! For the most part every fishing expedition is similar to this one (only it usually doens't take an hour to catch that 1st fish). Fishing with Grandpa Christensen is NOT boring. It's fun! Hunter would go every night if I'd let him. The Grandpa's would too if the Grandma's would let them. However you can only eat so much fish. There must be a limit set. Fishing is only allowed once a week! The photo is not the best. GGpa took it and then printed it out for me. I couldn't get my printer to scan it so I took a picture of the picture and up loaded it. Hence the grainy, yellowy, old look.

The grandkids had a blast. Madelyn and Emily were invited too but they decided to stay home and watch a movie with Grandma and Aunt Hanna. The girls don't enjoy the fishing trips as much as Hunter does. Maybe it's a girl thing??