Friday, August 06, 2010

A first...

While Hunter was in kindergarten there were many, many days he came home so excited because someone he knew lost a tooth at school. He was just as excited for his friends that would have lost a tooth the night before at home. He was anxiously awaiting for when it would be his turn. He went through all of kindergarten not only not loosing a tooth but not even having a loose tooth. 1st grade came and again we didn't loose a tooth and didn't have a single one loose.
Just a few weeks ago Hunter was so excited to discover that FINALLY one of his bottom front teeth were loose. It seemed that within days of discovering this loose tooth we also discovered his grown up tooth growing behind it already.
His tooth has been very very loose and has just been hanging in there. He is so careful while eating so as not to loose this tooth now that the time has come for this great event to take place.
Trying to prolong bedtime just a little longer he decided to let us tie a string around his tooth. I tried, I tried and I tried. Those of you who have gone through this know just how slippery, tiny and wet these little teeth can be. Grandma came to the rescue. Are you ready?
Here I go..

I did it. I did it.

He freaked for a minute but he did it. Yeah for Hunter.
You did it.
My 1st project on my to do list after our big move was to make a tooth pillow for the tooth fairy to leave her money in. We've been here for a few weeks now but Kory has yet to join us....
I do not have my fabric drawers or my sewing machine. I know I could use my mom's machine but I don't want to have to buy fabric when I know I already have some. So compliments from Grandma we used a little red bag.
Hunter was quite pleased when he woke up to discover the tooth fairy had taken his tooth and had not left 1 quarter but 2!
He does not have any more loose teeth at the moment. It will be interesting to see how long before we do this again. Maddie is starting 1st grade this year and she doesn't have any loose teeth either. I wonder if she will follow in her brothers foot steps?


Natty said...

We were living at my parents' house when Camo lost his first tooth. That night I was so tired (since the girls were new babies) that the tooth fairy did not make a delivery. The next day Camo was so disappointed & then I said, "Oh, Camo! She doesn't work on Sundays!"(thank goodness it was Sunday) The funny part is now, the kids always seem to lose their teeth on Sundays & Camo reminds us that the Tooth Fairy won't be coming until Monday! LOL! Hunter is sure growing up!

Camille said...

I'm sorry, but I HATE the loosing teeth phase. It totally grosses me out and I refuse to pull a kids tooth out. I hate it. I hated it when I was a kid. It was gross & terrifying and I just can't stand it. Carlaya's lost both bottom and her two top are loose now. I tell her I don't even want to see it. I don't even like to see her wiggle it when it's loose. Makes me skirm! UUUUUCK!