Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa

This month is such a special one, It's birthday time for you....Happy Birthday to you!

The Bosch Center in St. George is looking for someone to come in and demonstrate the different ways of decorating cakes. The store came to ME asking to see my cake portfolio.
Uhhhhh.... I don't have a porfolio.
I love watching shows like Ace of Cakes or The Cake Boss.
The problem I have afterwards is I then start to compare my cakes to theirs.
This is like comparing apple to oranges.
I LOVE their cakes but I am no where near there level and probaly never will be.
I will never own my own bakery with employee's working on different parts of the cake and then compiling them together.
Another thing I've notice while watching these shows is where they work.
You notice those huge tables they have? How about all that fondant they have to work with. I've also notice the expensive tools they have to use. But the #1 thing I've noticed is the lack of kids. You ever notice that?
I haven't seen a single epidsode with a child in the kitchen. Or how about an episode with a child trying to put a dish away, he jumps on the counter to be able to reach the cupboard just as the Cake Boss turns around to see this said child kneeling in the middle of the cake because they're NOT paying attention. Nope! Don't think I've seen something like that.
Have you seen an episode where a wee little one climbs upon the table and grabs a fistful of frosting off the cake? Or how about an episode where again a wee little one pushes a chair to the counter to pick up some figurines that someone has spent HOURS on making with fondant. Becuase these figurines are now dried when the wee little one drops them on the counter they break into a few pieces? Nope! Don't think I've seen an episode like that either.
Don't get me wrong. I do love my kids! I just wish I had a place to make the few cakes I make without all the distractions sometimes.
I want this job with the Bosch Center.
I want to be the one doing their demonstrations.
I have been given many opportunities this month is putting together a portfolio.
I have my 1st paying birthday cake this week. It's for a little girl turning 2.
This saturday I have a baby shower cake due.
The last saturday of this month I have my 1st wedding cake also.
The wedding cake is the one that has me on pins and needles all ready!
Besides these 3 jobs I've aquired this month, January if FULL of birthdays for our family.
I am going to use this month to build my portfolio.
The above picts are of the cake I made for my dad's birthday this past weekend.
It was way fun and I think the best cake I've done so far.


Camille said...

You are the CAKE BOSS! You've always been good at cakes, even since the first amateur cake! I am always very impressed with what you do. Cakes look fun to do but I just can never do it. Not my thing, and thats ok! ;)

That's awesome on the job. Congrats!! Maybe I can convince you to make a cake or two in the future! ;)