Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years 2011

Kory's side of the family was pretty large when we got married 9 years ago. Now 9 years later the family seems to have almost doubled in size. During the holidays the family takes turns alternating Thanksgiving with the Heaton side to the in-laws every year. No one seems to go home for Christmas. I think it's too many kids with too many gifts to haul and our families are getting big enough to hold Christmas by ourselves. So that my mother in-law can still see everyone around the holidays she throws a New Year's Eve Party for any one who can attend.
Now living closer to family we were able to ring in the New Year in Alton, Ut.
To say it was cold was an understatement. It didn't get above 10 degrees until the day everyone headed home. That afternoon there was no snow fall, no wind, the clouds even parted and allowed the sun to shine. It was a whole whopping 16 degrees outside. Being eveyone had mostly stayed couped up inside all weekend the kids were getting a little cabin fever.
Uncle Dustin came to the rescue. He pulled out some sleds and even tied one to the back of his 4 wheeler. Being the roads were caked with snow the kids could go sleding on the road in front of Grandma's.
. Uncle Dustin gave anyone who wanted a pull around the block with the 4 wheeler.
This 2011 New Year's Family Party was a little different and more special than in years past. 8 years ago Grandma and Grandpa Heaton had 7 grand babies born. The 2 older boys were baptized the end of summer. The 3 girls that were born in Dec. made the choice of being baptized together in Alton on New Year's Day. The last 2 grandson's will be baptized in May of this coming year.
Some how I missed getting a picture of the 3 beautiful little girls.

Kyle, Seth, Hunter
After the baptism and before dinner the boys had a good time playing with Pokemon Cards.

Alecia, Madelyn, Ruth
The girls had a great time being silly with one another.

Plenty of food.

Grandpa Heaton and Emily.
There were pleny of little boys running around. Can you imagine how much fun/trouble these boys had together? One of the cousins stepped out of the picture just as I took it, hence the once empty seat. Little stinker!
Despite the cold, cold weather we had a great time spending the weekend with our extended family.
We hope that maybe in April/May we can have Seth and Hunter baptized together. We'll see.