Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wedding cake cont.

This morning after I put the wedding cake together I felt for just a moment relief, a weight that was taken from my shoulders. After a few minutes of relief the anxiety came back. Yes, the cake was done and looked pretty good but now how am I going to transport it? It seems like most put the cake together at the reception but being this was my 1st I wanted to make sure everything looked good, I had enough flowers, ribbon and jewels, etc. After putting it together this morning I didn't want to take it apart and leave marks that I may not be able to fix when putting it together for the final time.
So I lined a box with aluminum foil, put the cake in it and had my mom go with me.
I drove while she held onto the cake. I'm pleased to say it was a succes. Despite my worrying of an accident occuring or the cake tipping over while in route or me dropping it or the jewels and flowers falling off.
NOTHING like that happened. It ended up being a very uneventful trip.
Thank goodness.

The cake looked perfect under Tai Pan's lighting.
I hope the bride is pleased. I am!


Natty said...

Wow! That is simply amazing!