Friday, May 13, 2011


This past Saturday Hunter was baptised.

Our lives are changing ever so quickly. I'm feeling older knowing I have an 8 year old. Isn't he hadsome?

I'm not sure what to call him anymore. He's definetely not my baby. He's not a toddler nor a little boy either. He seems to old to call him my big boy. I've always considered Youth 12 year's or older. You know when they reach the age of YW or YM, when they can attend YOUTH Conference. I was looking at a clearance rack the other day and noticed that a shirt in his size was labeled Youth Small. However I don't think I can tell others about him by claiming him as my Youth Small. So for now I've decided he's my son. No need to have little or big or youth involved. Just my son!
Hunter and his Dad.

I took this idea from a friend's baptism last year.

I had a large matted picture of Hunter along with a marker. Everyone who attended signed there name. This picture was taken at the beginning so not alot of names yet. Now that the baptism is over it's been fun to look the picture over and read everyones name that attended this special day for Hunter.

After the baptism we held a luncheon under the pavilion. All but 1 of Kory's 8 siblings were present. The kids had plenty of cousins to play with. This is Hunter with 2 of his favortie boy cousins his age.

This is Emily with her Grandma and Grandpa Heaton. I loved her smile so thought I'd include it too.

Having Hunter baptised has been a fun and exciting experience but it's also been a little scary. As a mom I find myself trying to protect my children. I want to help them as much as possible. I only want the best for them. Knowing that he is now held ACCOUNTABLE for his actions with his Heavenly Father is a little unsettling. I know our Heavenly Father is a loving Father and he too only wants whats best for all of us. However, I'm not sure I'm ready to have Hunter be held ACCOUNTABLE. I know I'm not perfect and neither is Hunter after all he's 8 and a boy. Need I say more? I only hope I have taught him and will continue to teach him that there are more important things in life then his skate board, army men, computer games and his bike. I hope I have taught him right from wrong. I hope I have taught him enough about the atonement, and will continue to teach, that he will know what he needs to do when he has done something wrong and needs to ask for forgiveness. I hope I can continue to teach him how to be ACCOUNTABLE for his actions, his words and his deeds.
I am proud of you Hunter.

I love you!


Camille said...

This is a good post. I feel awful we missed the whole day. But seriously, with the awful week I had, I was not going to sit in a car for over 2 hours or mope around your mom's house crying and panting in pain. I couldn't do much of anything all week. I wanted Joanthan to take the kids alone, but he was worried it might get worse and I'd be at the ER again, alone. I'd survive, but I was kind of glad he stayed to help me out. After I passed the stone saturday morning it still took most of the day to feel healed and rested. It was a brutal week for sure.
Sorry we missed a major milestone for you guys!! Tell Hunter we love him and we're so proud of him. Hopefully we'll see you guys soon!