Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

A few weeks ago we had our family pictures taken.

Here are a few of my favorites. I'm not sure which one I like the best to have it blown up and placed on my wall. I like the old truck we are sitting on.
The photographer brought props such as the teddy bears. I like the picture but not sure I want the teddy bears on my wall.

The photograper saw this tree and thought it might be fun for Hunter to climb. Once he climbed it he decided to try the whole family.

I really, really really wanted the fall leaf colors in our family pictures. At the time I was going over Cedar Mtn. 2x a week and was watching the leaves change. We decided it would be a little farther to go to the mountain and so we tried Rush. Being we had just been there the week before we thought it would be perfect. It probably would have been if it wasn't for the recent wind storms we were having. There wasn't a single Aspen tree with leaves. However the grounds had a beautiful blanket of fall colored leaves that we got to use instead. I was happy with that.

This is my favorite picture of the girls. I have one of the boys but they were all a bit blurry except one. Of course that's the one that Hunter has his eye's closed. AHHHHH!

I just can't have family pictures taken without a few of just "us".


Our Family said...

How nice! I didn't know you had these done finally!

Natty said...

Darling family photos!!! Love checking in on you guys! Your talents never cease to amaze me!