Monday, October 17, 2011

Newest Cakes

To say this past week was very busy is an understatement. I volunteered myself to do 2 cakes all wanted on the same weekend.

My Aunt Pam got married about a week and half ago and this past friday was her open house. I volunteered to do her cake. It was hard at the beginning as she really didn't have any ideas. By the end of our conversation she asked me to do some sort of a Fall theme. I searched on line several different places and decided that due to the lack of time I had I was going to use regular ol' frosting instead of fondant, the "in thing" and to use fake flowers.

I don't see frosted cakes a lot anymore but

I think this one looks AMAZING!
I absolutely love it and she did too.
The only part I didn't like about the whole ordeal was that I needed to be in Vegas the same night as the reception. I wanted to deliver the cake myself earlier during the day but beeing S.R 14 is closed for the next 6-12 months, I had to drop it off in Hurricane with my parents and have them deliver it for me.

After dropping the wedding cake off the kids and I headed to good ol' Las Vegas where my brother Jonathan lives. There little girl, Mya, turned one and the family was getting together to celebrate. Camille, my sister-in-law, and I have been corresponding by email. She wanted a hot pink, zebra style birthday cake.

I love it. She loved it and all the guests loved it.

I enjoyed the compliments I recieved, especailly from the kids. According to the many small cousins running around they have never had a birthday cake like this. They haven't even seen a birthday cake like this. They wish there moms could make cakes like this. The best compliment and my favorite of the night was "You are the BEST cake decorator ever!"
I love it.


katielyn said...

Those are awesome! You are so talented!