Monday, October 24, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Knock on Wood for me please......

I've decided that it's finally time to blog about this big event in little man's life.

Brayden is Potty Trained (no accidents for 9 days).

Woo Hoo! His older 3 siblings were done by the time they were 2. Brayden was by far my oldest to potty train. All I can say is it was much easier in a way with the other kids being a bit younger. For instance at the beginning Brayden would cry for his mickey mouse diaper. I thought him having Diego underware would make everything alright. I was mistaken!

Being he could talk he could tell me that he perferred to run around "nated", he didn't want to be "mobest". So for a few days I relented and let him run around naked as there were far fewer accidents. He still perfers to be bottomless but is slowly getting the idea that those days are over and his cute little cheeks will be covered now, regardless of what he wants. The nice part about him being older then his siblings were is that he usually goes by himself. It's not until he gets close to me and I smell something horrible that I ask him if he's gone potty. He replies quite happily, "Yep, me pooped!" No kidding! So we high tail it back to the bathroom to take care of that stink! Yesterday before church Kory and I talked about having him go in his undies but decided with both us having to teach we'd go one more Nursery class with a diaper BUT as soon as we got home the diaper was replaced with his big boy underware. Next week we'll be more brave and let him attend church with underware on.

Good Job Brayden!