Thursday, April 04, 2013

April Fool's

April Fool's Day was monday this year, the day after Easter. Brayden had snack that day for Preschool. We had several April Fools snack idea's but in the end I went with something a little less time consuming. When we walked into his class room his teacher said,"Ooooh Brayden, what did you bring for snack today?" He replied, "Dirt and worms, hahahahahaha I'm tricking you today. It's Fool's Day!" 
This kid cracks me up.

Being Fool's Day I needed to come up with something to do for my family. In years past I've made numerous trickery dinner's that look like dessert's. I've made jello and put it in their cups with straws so it appears to be kool-aid. I've gotten them up half an hour early pretending it was later than it actually was. This year I wanted something new. I needed something new becuase my older kids kept telling me that I couldn't trick them this year, they would be expecting it. So I did the unexpected!

Come dinner time I hung up a large sheet so that no one could see what I was fixing up in the kitchen. I than made a normal dinner or spaghetti, rolls, corn, jello and 2 types of drinks. I called my family to the table and at each place setting was a menu and a pencil.

 Inside that menu they were to pick from some coded words what they were going to be served over a 4 course meal. They started with nothing, no fork, plate, cup etc. Everything was to be chosen.

 Madelyn chose worms with brain matter aka spaghetti, mini digger aka spoon, girl scout aka brownie and mud slide aka chocolate syrup that was meant for her ice cream dessert. She loved it. She thought it was pretty difficult to eat spaghetti with a spoon. 

Hunter's 2nd course brought him a fluffy pillow aka roll, butcher's tool aka knife, worms and brain matter aka spaghetti and a chip of the old block aka an ice cube but no cup. It was HILARIOUS trying to watch him eat his spaghetti with a knife!!

This was Kory's 1st course. He ordered entrepenuer's 1st business aka lemonade, sock in the face aka punch, King Titon's weapon aka a fork, and udder's delight aka ice cream.

I fooled the kids one more year! We all had a fun night full of laughter and fun. I'm being told this was my best "trick" thus far. So glad the kids enjoyed the night. 


Mommy of Many Hats said...

What a fun idea! Looks fabulous!