Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Tuesday night our Scout's held it's annual Pinewood Derby Pack Meeting. This year we struggled a bit as we didn't receive the kit until the the day before we left for Nauvoo. Being we were gone for so long Hunter and his Dad were left with Monday to create his car. Last year Hunter's won and he went to Region. At Region he came in 2nd and so wasn't able to go to State. Frankly I didn't want to have to take him to Salt Lake for the state competion so we were quite happy he came in 2nd. This year Hunter was hoping for the same thing. Despite the late hour of making the car they created a "unique" car for this year. Hunter called it a horse and other's called it a donkey or mule. Hunter with some help spray painted his car black monday night. Tuesday afternoon when he got home from school he painted the horses nose and nostrils. He was going to paint the eyes but decided to hot glue a pair of googly eyes instead.

 During pack meeting he earned a few awards.

His car didn't do as well this year but he still had fun. He received a green participation ribbon and... 

was given "The Most Unique Car" award!

His car did have wheels. However a younger boy knocked his car off the track after the derby and his wheels popped off. Glad they popped off afterwards and not before. It's crazy to think next year will be his last year participating in this fun annual event.